Wow!! Grow Yours has been operating for one year now. What a year it has been!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! We’re very proud to have many happy customers all over the country and for what we’ve achieved to date. We have some big plans for the future and are excited to introduce many more heirloom and open pollinated varieties to our catalogue as soon as we can.

To show our appreciation, we are offering 10% off our full catalogue from now until August 16th. Simply use the code 1STBDAY at checkout for 10% off all the products in your cart!

Grow Yours 1st Birthday Celebration Seed Promotion


The past few months have certainly seen challenging and difficult times, with many people turning to growing their gardens in order to help feed family and when possible, friends. We would like to thank you all for your support and for your understanding during the recent nationwide lockdown.

We look forward to sharing our catalogue with you more as each season arrives. Remember your feedback is always welcome and we're happy to try help source specialty varieties where we can.


Don’t let the remaining winter weeks stop you from enjoying and sowing your gardens, especially on those sunny days.

Recently we have added Broad Bean 'Exhibition Long Pod', Beetroot 'Cylindra', and Garlic 'Printanor' to the catalogue. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to get your Garlic in the ground as soon as possible, as this needs a few weeks of cold soil temperatures in order to break their seed dormancy and encourage successful germination.

Broad Beans are also great for sowing now, along with winter hardy Brassicas like Tatsoi and Kale, and all can be tray grown ready for the spring planting of seedlings.

Soon spring will be upon us and again it will be time to sow all of those lovely summer vegetables, like Cucumber, Pumpkin and Tomato… We can’t wait!

Happy growing!

Garlic bulbs for sowing in winter