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Certified Seed Potatoes

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Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

It’s highly rewarding growing your own veggies no matter your level of gardening experience. All of our seeds come with helpful sowing tips and our sow and grow guarantee, so you can make the most of what you sow.

Heirloom Herb Seeds

Herbs are often prolific producers that can easily be grown from seed. A herb garden is arguably the best garden you can have.

Heirloom Flower Seeds

Growing your own flowers from seed at home is a great and cost effective way to beautify your garden, as well as providing many cut flowers.

Microgreens Seeds

Growing microgreens is counter top gardening that you can do all year round, inexpensively and even if you have little space. Microgreens are increasingly popular and they work perfectly as a gourmet garnish for salads and meals, or as a side salad.

Heirloom Seed Collections

Lovingly curated with unique heirloom seed packets from our range. Perfect as gifts for green fingered loved ones, or as a garden kit for yourself.

Eco Fibre Pots

100% biodegradable and made of wood fibre. Certified organic and peat free. An excellent growing option for young seedlings that will save you time and effort in the garden!

About Grow Yours

Since our very humble beginnings, Grow Yours has proudly offered the best heirloom and open-pollinated, non-gmo, untreated seeds. They're perfect if you wish to save your own seeds. You can count on us for premium heritage vegetable seeds, including rare and hard to find seed varieties.

We're sustainabily focused and are incredibly proud to be leading the way with NZ made seed packets that are home-compostable and high-barrier. This means your seeds will last as long as possible without any worries about polluting Mother Earth. We believe we're the 1st seed company in the world using home-compostable high-barrier packets, and we've been using these magnificent seed packets since 2022.

We are proud of our strong stance on food security and looking after the environment. We love hearing from our customers with their feedback, queries, garden photos, handy growing tips and gardening stories so don't be afraid to reach out. Thank you for supporting our small family business!

Why Heirloom Seeds?

Heirloom seeds are old and often increasingly rare open-pollinated varieties.

They are inherently sustainable as anyone can grow these seeds and save their own seeds from their crops.

Many heirloom varieties have been lost over time, so there’s a loyal following from gardeners, small growers and dedicated seed companies to keep these historically important seed varieties alive.

We’re proud heirloom seed enthusiasts!

Are your seed packets Home Compostable?

Yes! As a small family business we’ve invested in cutting edge home compostable high-barrier packets for our seeds.

This enables us to keep your seeds fresh for you for as long as possible and also do our part for the environment, by ensuring our seed packaging doesn’t add to the never ending stream of waste in the world.

We also use compostable and bio-degradable packaging materials wherever we can, like paper tape, cardboard mailers/boxes and brown paper for filling voids in shipments.

Premium Heirloom Seeds that don't cost the earth...

All of our vegetable, herb and flower seeds are open-pollinated varieties 🌱

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