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Grow Yours is a family run business supplying premium heirloom vegetable seeds for Kiwi gardeners. 

We're devoted to supplying heirloom seed varieties for all your gardening needs. Heirloom seeds have been passed down over many years and typically offer the tastiest and most nutritious produce around. All of our seeds are untreated and free from chemical treatments such as pesticides. Our seeds are not genetically modified.

We believe everyone should benefit from growing their own fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers at home, and save your money while doing so. Gardening is a highly satisfying hobby that rewards you many times over for your efforts.

We want to help more New Zealanders to grow their own plants from seed, whether that is for an edible garden, flower garden or beautification of outdoor areas, or restoration projects.

Our online catalogue offers many rare and popular heirloom seed varieties that can be ordered to your letterbox NZ wide.

We want you to have success with your gardening and growing activities. That's why our sow and grow guarantee is included with every purchase for your reassurance, plus all of our seeds include general tips and sowing information to help you make the most of what you sow.

We hope you find our website helpful and informative, and that it inspires you on your gardening journey. If you have any questions, feedback or requests for a specific variety you’d like, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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