Seed Potatoes


    Seed potatoes are typically sown in spring through early summer. Northern areas can plant potatoes from mid winter, whereas southern areas should wait for frosts to have passed before planting.

    Seed potatoes are typically chitted in preparation of planting, which involves letting their roots start to sprout. To chit your seed potatoes spread them out in a light place but shielded from direct sunlight in a dry, cool, frost free area. Let the roots develop for about 3-6 weeks until they have reached 2cm in length.

    Sow your seed potatoes with their root sprouts pointing upwards and lightly cover with soil carefully as to not damage the formed sprouts.

    Earlier harvested varieties (Early Crop potatoes) are usually small and have thin skin, but consequently they don’t store very well - they're popular for spring planting and harvesting fresh at Christmas.

    Later harvested varieties (Main Crop potatoes) typically have thicker skin and are bigger, and they usually store for a good while.

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