How to Grow Garlic Successfully in NZ

Garlic is a popular and fun crop to grow. Once you have grown garlic in your own vegetable garden you can save your best bulbs from your harvest and replant them year after year if you like. In this blog we outline the basics for growing garlic easily and successfully in your garden.

Top 5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow from Seeds
Here are our top 5 picks for vegetable seeds that are easy to grow for home gardeners. These vegetables are all popular with families and cold weather tolerant so they’re well suited for growing during autumn and winter.
Growing Your Own Heirloom Tomatoes From Seeds
Hey Happy gardeners, if you didn't know homegrown heirloom tomatoes are on a completely different level in terms of their depth of flavour and sweetness compared to mass-produced supermarket tomatoes. In this blog post we outline some key tips to help you be successful growing tomatoes in your garden this summer.
Grow Yours Winter Update
Hey, Lots going on at Grow Yours at the moment! We’re introducing a bunch of new seed varieties in the near future that we’re sure you’ll be excited about, plus we’re working on an update to our seed packets too....
Merry Christmas!
This year has been challenging for all of us and we’re hugely thankful for the support of all our lovely customers New Zealand wide. We have big plans moving forward and are looking forward to offer many more exciting and...

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Making the most of Autumn in your Garden
It can be easy to forget about your autumn and winter garden when summer produces many of our favourites, but getting the jump on the cold weather and shorter sunlight days will pay you back with beautiful homegrown harvests that you’ll appreciate in time to come.
Summer is here!

Hello fellow gardeners! Now is an excellent time for seed sowing and a great chance to try growing some new fruit, herbs and vegetables in the garden. Many popular plants are perfect for sowing now, so why not try growing Basil, Coriander, or even Watermelons from seed if you haven’t before.

Getting Spring ready in the Garden

Spring is starting to show itself now - albeit in patches! It’s a great idea to start sowing some spring seeds. Staggering your sowing is a simple technique that works for most people. Sowing a little bit often is also more achievable and manageable than going all out, and by staggering your plantings you’ll also stagger your harvests – choice!

Growing Plants from Seed Guide

To start the transformation from a seed into a young seedling, seeds require some warmth, air and moisture to encourage the germination process to get underway. Getting a bunch of new seedlings started for your garden is surprisingly easy and a lot of fun. Seeds are available in a much wider range than the plants on offer at your local garden centre, so why not give growing some unique varieties a go!

Welcome to Grow Yours

Hello and welcome! Grow Yours is a family run business supplying quality seeds for growing great plants. We're proudly NZ owned and operated. We’re very excited to present our introductory range of seeds for home gardeners and growers. Our current catalogue contains various heirloom (or heritage) varieties, plus some popular open pollinated varieties.