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Tomato Seeds


    We offer premium NZ grown heirloom tomato seeds. Have you tried growing your own heirloom tomatoes before? It's very popular, fun and highly rewarding.


    Tomato seeds are best sown into trays or punnets containing your seed raising medium during spring to early summer, and then carefully transplanted out 4-6 weeks later as tomato plants thrive growing during the warmer months of the year in New Zealand.


    All of our tomatoes are heirloom open pollinated varieties that have been grown in New Zealand. Heirloom tomatoes are well regarded for having the best flavour around, and offering various shapes, sizes and colours for gardeners to enjoy.


    You only need a few tomato seeds to grow an abundance of fresh tomatoes for your whole family. We offer several unique and wonderful varieties of heirloom tomato seeds, from cherry tomatoes to beefsteaks. You can view the tomato seed varieties currently available in our seed catalogue below:

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